Pamela Douglas


Pam has been in general practice since 1987, with special clinical interests in the care of new families, mental health, and women’s health.

Her medical research calls for a paradigm shift in the way health professionals approach early life care, in particular, breastfeeding difficulty, unsettled infant behaviour, and maternal mood, and offers integrated, evidence-based clinical guidelines.

Her research in women’s studies and creative writing explores the historical and sociocultural factors that explain why early parenthood can be so difficult, and what we as a society might do about it. This aspect of her work casts light, for example, on why different approaches to infant care are so hotly contested.

She aims to empower parents – both in her work developing Neuroprotective Developmental Care, or the Possums programs, and in her writing. She is also aims to empower health professionals who work with new families, through educational opportunities.