The Discontented Little Baby Book

Did you know that there are things you can do to help your baby cry and fuss less in the first 16 weeks? Did you know that many parents’ nights are unnecessarily disrupted? Dr Pamela Douglas’s new book, The Discontented Little Baby Book, is purchaseable in bookshops and online at UQP and Amazon, including as an ebook.

The Discontented Little Baby Book doesn’t promise magical cures. The months after a baby’s arrival can be tumultuous and exhausting, and attempts at quick fixes are often part of the problem! The first 16 weeks of life is a neurologically sensitive period, during which some babies will cry a lot - and we can also expect broken nights. But there is usually a lot that can be done to help your baby cry and fret less, and a number of obstacles are accidentally put in the way of a healthy night’s sleep for many babies and their parents. The Discontented Little Baby Book gives you a range of practical and evidence-based strategies for helping you and your baby get more in sync. Pamela offers a path that protects your baby’s neurodevelopment so that he or she can reach his or her full potential, at the same time as you practice simple strategies for living with vitality and with delight in your baby, right in the midst of the challenges of this extraordinary time of life!

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The first and last baby book you’ll ever need

After reading countless books to help me through my first few months as a new parent, I came across this one. It was the middle of the night and I was desperately consuming every piece of advice out there in hopes that something would help us through the season of difficulty we were experiencing. This book changed everything for the better and I wish I could go back in time to relay it’s encouraging messages to a younger me. I am a better mother for having read this and taken to hear Dr Pamela’s beautiful words of wisdom.

4 February 2015

Loved the tone and the encouraging message of this book

I read this between baby 1 and baby 2 and found it enlightening and encouraging. Great specific tips and insight into the “4th trimester”. I’ve recommended it to expecting friends for the simple, elegant and evidence-based advice.

20 February 2015

Great book – highly recommend

What a fantastic book! I absolutely loved it and read it from cover to cover in 2 sittings. Highly recommended

13 March 2015

Awesome book covering major issues for new moms

What a wonderful book for moms. There’s a lot to love in this tightly constructed little volume … definitely wish I had read it sooner. … The book hits on all the major concerns to new moms in the first weeks – breastfeeding, sleeping, mental health, scheduling – and does it in such a delightful and encouraging way … I will definitely be recommending to new mom friends!

5 September 2015


Evolutionary Parenting

For those of you who like quick reviews, let me say this:  This is by far one of the best books I have ever read for new parents.  It is fabulous.  … Buy it.  Read it.  Love it.  Then share it with another new mom. ….
The information is easily digestible, logical, and filled with anecdotes so readers know they aren’t alone in the problems they face.  …
This wonderful book for parents should also be a must-read for other family doctors or anyone who works with parents and babies.  First there is the issue of the information in it.  … However, it’s more than that.

In the anecdotes, Dr. Douglas does such a wonderful job of showing how one should speak to someone facing a crisis or concern with their child that it’s a lesson in empathy, communication, and tact that all people can learn from.  Through years of practice, she has mastered the art of conveying her information in ways that don’t threaten or put a new parent on the defensive.  She speaks from the heart, with all the information a parent needs, but the suggestions are subtle and done without judgment or even “need”.  By that, I mean that she’s always open to what parents want to do.  She’ll suggest something else, but reminds parents, if it doesn’t work for them, they can always go back to what they’re doing (even though most are there reporting it’s not working, like most people, many of them still are reluctant to change).  She made me wish she was my doctor (and that’s saying something as my doctor has been super supportive of breastfeeding and everything).

All in all, I can’t recommend this book highly enough.  For parents, it’s the wisdom and information you need in the first year of your baby’s life.  For caregivers, it’s a wonderful guide to improving your relationships with your patients by listening to them and being able to communicate in an effective and respectful manner.

So go buy it.

January 29 2015